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A Stroll Down Wellington Street

Friday February 10, 2023

By Shirley Guertin

Here are some pictures showing the happy loving atmosphere of the convoy – music, dancing, speeches, hugging and singing. Perma-grins on all the faces, everyone feeling like brothers and sisters in one big family. A singer from Quebec entertained, the Clan Mothers, accompanied by a group of children, gave a moving speech. Many canopies with truckers offering free food.

One fellow had brought his elderly mother with him from Quebec “for the week-end only” – that was on Jan 28. They have been there ever since, the pair serving free hot drinks, food, joking, laughing and poking friendly fun at each other (a little unfairly since the mom doesn’t understand English). Another trucker showed us how someone came along and lined his truckbox with insulation so he would be a little warmer at night.

There are kids everywhere, playing in homemade structures, waving flags, bringing heartfelt notes to the truckers to be taped onto their trucks.

Such a variety of colourful signs lining the iron fence to the Hill! The leader of this country is clearly the headliner in the signs.

One truck from Alberta has been completely dedicated to JT’s misdemeanors:

The streets are still spotless, the trucks are lined up closely, one lane kept free in case emergency vehicles need to get through. The Terry Fox statue is well-guarded, adorned with flowers.

Once more I am proud to be Canadian. Canada is not the tyrannical government. Canada is the people, standing strong in defense of our rights and freedoms - for everyone, including those who don’t see the big picture yet. Our freedoms have never been in greater danger from our governments as they are now.

Those who think this is just a Trucker Convoy are mistaken. It is a full-out world-wide Freedom Movement, and not just in Ottawa. People from all countries have risen, inspired by our Canadian Truckers, desperately trying to get our freedoms back.

I pray that everyone can see this effort for what it truly is. We need to succeed.

Shirley Guertin was protesting on Parliament Hill on May 2 2020, at the very start, with about 10 other people. The next day she founded Stand Up Ottawa, which then became Stand Up Canada.

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