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The End of the Beginning

Thursday February 16, 2023

By Johnny Rowe

Dearest Canadians,

Please let me speak the truth.

We are in a terrible situation. Our country and our culture are crumbling around us. We have failed at every turn. Our institutions have become completely dysfunctional. The people of Canada are suffering beyond their limits. The trauma, terror, and tyranny every Canadian has endured over the last three years has resulted in unprecedented damage.

We are all reacting and responding, repairing and rebuilding. We are recovering from the most horrific time of our lives, and it takes time. We will need to heal, because it will get worse. We are suffering from a moral crisis. Each one of us has been morally tested - and we, on the whole, have failed. This is because we have no idea how ignorant and weak we really are.

Things are bad. Corruption is everywhere. Our ability to control and maintain our systems is degrading before our eyes, like an ancient city going to ruin after they stop maintaining the canals. The Canadian people have been traumatized on a massive scale. Millions of peoples’ lives have been destroyed. Irrationality runs loose through our society like a monster running amok. Fear is on every face.

But behind the fear is lies. Behind the lies is corruption. People - corrupted on a vast scale - by terrible ideas. Ideas that become policy. Policy that becomes process. And we all know the process is the punishment. We have lost the ability to protect ourselves from this corruption and it has spread; it is everywhere and it is deadly. This is a problem of immorality.

The path before us is growing narrower. As our options fall away, so does our hope.

Now is our chance. Each one of us is facing the choice: fight or flight? Stand or kneel? Obey or live? This choice is the eternal choice of every human being ever to walk the Earth. It is a privilege to possess such responsibility. It is also impossible to escape and this, while unsettling to the unaccustomed, is a blessing.

Filmed by The Transporter on February 19, 2022. Click here to see more…

There is a deep goodness and hidden strength in each of us, and I have seen it. It is expressed in the universal commitment to peace within our Movement. We are non-violent precisely because it is a moral contest. This is the key to our inevitable victory.

Our ranks our filled with all kinds of people with as many different views. A true cross-section of Canada. But we all share the same origin story. We all share the same boot-heel bruise mark, where The Man kicked us. Our Movement is filled with the victims of our opponents, and it’s growing. We each have a personal story of persecution and devastation that has led us to action and resistance.

Filmed by Greg Wycliffe on February 20, 2022. Click here to see more…

These millions are highly motivated and will not stop. This is reason to hope. We don’t have leaders, we don’t have money, we don’t have infrastructure. But we do have huge numbers, and that will see us through. We can replace Canada’s leaders, we can prosecute the criminals, we can repair the damage because we have the numbers and the will. It can be done. It will take time.

I call upon all Canadians and all our brother and sisters around the world to stand up, if only in your heart, and join the struggle. I believe in you; I know we will prevail. We will secure a future of freedom and fairness.

The peaceful path is the long way;
the long way is the hard way;
the hard way is the right way;
the right way is the moral way.

Johnny Rowe was born in Texas and became a Canadian citizen in 1987. He has lived all over Canada ever since, and currently lives in Kingston Ontario. Johnny had several careers before becoming a yogi, and has spent the last ten years teaching Bikram Yoga in Kingston. Now he is practicing what he has been preaching for so long: Peaceful Revolution. <3

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