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Other Side of the Fence

Sunday February 12, 2023

We’ve chosen our side, and we wouldn’t change a thing.

By Jeremy Mackenzie
Originally published on January 26 2023 on his Substack,
The Diagalon Dispatch
Used with permission.

Goblin communists tried to pass off my recording the crowd as a “Hitler salute” because they have no decency whatsoever.

As we near the first anniversary of the most important cultural event in contemporary Canadian history, I will offer my perspective on what was a life changing experience for many veterans at the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa.

For propaganda reasons, the corrupt liars owned by corporate interests that are posing as national leaders had our War Memorial fenced off to assist in perpetuating this wretched lie that the demonstrators in Ottawa were some sort of un-Canadian mob of unhinged lunatics. An ‘unacceptable fringe minority’. Those of us that were there know full well how much of a egregious and harmful lie this is.

Few took issue with this unfounded, unjustified caging of the national monument to our war dead more than the Veterans themselves.

The feelings of betrayal and disrespect was echoed by everyone I know in the Veteran community. I took the time to express this on my podcast in a vain attempt to explain that the price for the freedoms and rights we used to enjoy, that the state is gleefully shredding faster than evidence of collusion with pharmaceutical corporations, had already been paid in blood by over a hundred thousand Canadian lives. To see this beautiful monument be locked up for political optics was something we were simply not willing to allow. The state believes it is the final say on all things and we are nothing more than tax cattle to be dictated to how things are going to be.

As the current living representatives of our veterans, we were duty bound by responsibility and our sacred obligation to defend the honor of those who came before us. Our community, our families, our brothers and sisters paid for that memorial. Not the government du jour who has no qualms in playing fast and loose with morality and soul of our nation. It belongs to us and to all Canadians. It isn’t state property, it’s public property and as the guardians of our people we felt obliged to remind the government of this inescapable fact.

The govt says all of the nice words and loves to stand atop mountains of bones to decree to the rest of us what it takes and what it means to be a Canadian without ever having the guts or integrity to put so much as a fingernail on the line to prove it.

As the previous years went on, I often wondered and hoped that there were many more out there like myself. That I wasn’t a lone voice in the wilderness shouting into the abyss.

This cold afternoon in February became one of the greatest of my life.

To the left and right of me as far as I could see were men and women adorned with their service medals, berets, chevrons, pins and regimental hat badges worn proudly to tell the Canadian people one thing. We are here for you, we will stand with you on THIS side of the skirmish line and face down heavily armed police, war horses, tear gas, batons and rubber bullets as we would any other enemy that would move to harm you.

That’s what we do. It’s who we are. It’s why we strapped into our boots in the first place.

No one was forced to be there, and no one was asked to do anything they were not comfortable with. We volunteered. I saw men I hadn’t seen in ten or fifteen years. Bryan Marr was my neighbor in CFB Gagetown in 2007. Others I had never met but the connection and energy in the air was so strong your eyes would get wet just by standing in the vicinity. No one was crying, that is fake news. I had never felt more at home and for that moment in time it was as if the trauma and gaslighting and bullshit of the years all melted away. Bryan spoke to the crowd of our intentions as we stood shoulder to shoulder, one more time, together again, standing on guard.

The entire fence was quickly dismantled and stacked neatly near the roadside. An enormous crowd looked on cheering as this strange energy in the air was affecting the eyes of many of the other soldiers. We hugged each other as long lost brothers who were perfect strangers moments earlier. We stood proudly as a family of warriors on the steps of that memorial and belted our national anthem into the sky.

There is no better feeling when under enemy fire, as things are looking to take a turn for the worse than to look and see your brothers on the horizon charging to the rescue. It’s a love that I will not do an injustice to by attempting to describe. For those vets that were there that day and those that cheered on and supported from afar - that is what was done that day for us and for countless other Canadians across the country.

Sometimes say “put up or shut up” when people complain. Do something or quit your whining.

The war is far from over and there will be many more battles in the days ahead but on that bitterly cold day in February 2022 the boys showed up, they dressed up, and they put up. The comfort and strength that event gave to so many will always be worth more than any medal I will ever wear.

The state sycophant media will tell you that “protestors” tore down the fence. Not a single hand laid on that fence in any direction was by anyone other than a Canadian Forces veteran. They’d rather you not take comfort in knowing we are out there, fighting for you.

We are. There are more of us every day and we will only become louder and more difficult to ignore. We will never stop.


Pro Patria.

- RD

You can follow Jeremy Mackenzie on his website: www.ragingdissident.com

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